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yin yoga massage &      sound healing

Tina Bruce, my favourite Earth Angel from Restore a Yoga Mum, and I will guide you through a 2 hour immersive experience. Be carried through a portal of love, compassion and naturing.

The experience of yin yoga & massage, complimented with sound healing is like no other. It will unravel you, allowing you to fully let go and take in the warm light of the August Full Moon - how nice x 

Sunday August 26

4 - 6pm

Madam Heap

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yin yoga massage & reiki

A special 1 1/2 hours of yoga in stillness The experience allows you to really let go and be guided through some subtle medicine for your soul. Feel yourself melt away and be transported through a naturing love filled evening. 

Friday September 7  

6 - 7:30pm 

Sadhana Studios

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