These yoga workshops are for adults to enhance, encourage and inspire you into a state of play, curiosity and creativity. 


Kids Yoga is one of the best ways to get your imagination rolling. You suddenly fall into a state of play without even knowing it. 

Knowing all this, we'll move, make and do, using Kids Yoga methods to allow our inner child to surface and get curious just like kids! Curiosity breathes creativity, and creativity can be expressed in so many ways. Not just in the way art, painting and drawing is expressed , it can been seen in the way we think, the way we behave and the way we show up in life. 

Movement of the body leads to clarity in the mind. So after we move, we'll make. We'll get creative, using different sensory materials to encourage exploration and new ways of thinking. 

We'll also learn how and why mindfulness meditation can have a calming and positive lasting effect on your mood and well being.  

These programs are structured for adults who want to engage with their own inner child, connect with others and explore their innate creativity. 

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"We don't stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing"

A lovely, creative program that helps enhance relationships, teamwork and creativity for all types of abilities and developmental stages. Calming and beautifully presented - Loved it !