Raising money for Kindling Foundation. A Foundation that provides sustainable vegetable gardens, sewing rooms, a community centre, a creche, an orphanage and safe housing for children in South Africa. The foundation story warmed Sarah’s heart after a meeting the founder Jen Kyna earlier this year. Sarah new it was something she had to do. As part of the trip, each volunteer has to raise money for the foundation and that’s how Heart - Full started, with a need to spread kindness to the kids.

Heart - Full collaborates with people from the community who have taken risks, jumped over rivers and welcomed the unknown, because their heart said so.

Heart - Full inspires you, uplifts and connects you to our community.

Lets do some Heart talking.

Join us for another Heart filling evening with our featured guess speaker Jen Kyna, from the Kindling Foundation & Conscious Traveller. Jen exudes passion, generosity and love. Her heart energy is infectious and is out into every interaction she has. We can’t wait to talk about heart, love and the things that matter most to us through our conscious conversation.

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July 17th / Heart - Full
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