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We believe that kids yoga is better and more fun done together, so our movement always involves connection and super fun games to keep us all engaged. We provide a mixture of movement, drama and creativity, with the soul intention of building confidence, mental and physical strength and enhancing their sense of belonging and connection with each other.

We are dedicated to providing you with fully trained teachers, who have a passion and a desire to make children smile. We bring along our big Magic Bags full with props, games, yoga mats and FUN for each session.

There are so many benefits of kids yoga like an increased attention span, focus, empathy and respect towards each other. Come and play with us!


3+ : 20-30mins

4+ : 30-45 mins 

5+ : 30 - 45 mins

Early Learning Centres $100 hr up to 25 kids per class
To show interest OR for private kids yoga sessions please contact me

Sarah’s yoga experiences have become a highlight of the week in our kindergarten programs at Tree House. Sarah has a fabulous ability to adjust her approach to welcome a variety of learning styles into the group. All the children and educators are joining in, and have gained great insights into the possibilities for incorporating yoga into the program on days when Sarah is not with us.

One child in particular has grown so much in self confidence and in his abilities to engage in new experiences. Sarah was so gentle and patient, allowing him as much time as he needed to watch from the sidelines. He now sits right by her and accepts invitation to take a lead and
demonstrate positions for the group.

Margie Cohen - Educator Leader at Tree House St.Kilda