$35hr per family

Extra kids, cousins, friends is $17hr per extra each child

Your Nanny will fill in a time sheet each day to record the amount of hours spent at your place. We will receive this, so please check it before week is out :)

Payment should occur weekly (we like to keep our nannies nourished!) You will receive an invoice from us at the end of the week.

Minimum 4 hours work

Our Nannies go through a vetting process so that we can ensure you are getting the best care possible for your kids. We will make sure that our nanny is the best fit for your family during this process.

We will set up a time for you to meet your chosen nanny. And if all is A-Okay then it’s go time.

You can coordinate with your Nanny how many hours you will need and what days.

Any extra costs like, cooking, crafts, day trips etc is provided by the family unless otherwise spoken with your nanny.

If you are thinking of putting a group of kids together for a minimum of 4 hours please get in contact with us. We can tailor a program to your needs. Eg. School Readiness + Care

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