Holistic Nannying is for soulful families that value connection, nature and living mindfully. Just like I do!


Connection adds value to life. When we connect with you and your children we are present, focused and engaged. Whether it’s through teaching practical learning skills, kids yoga or children’s mindfulness practices, we believe that it is the most important thing we can offer.


Nature is at the core of our being. It goes hand in hand with connection. When we feel connected to nature we feel more connected to ourselves. We encourage children to play, touch and experience nature through different activities and learnings. We hope to inspire children to be in touch with nature, it’s rhythm and above all things, take good care of it. And what better place to experience nature than our beautiful Byron Bay.

Mindful Living

Mindful Living equals meaningful living. We make sure we are always present with your children. When we do this we are teaching them how to be present with us, with their friends and with you, their parents. Being mindful in everything we do teaches your children to be mindful also. It can be hard to be like this all the time, so we make sure when we’re with your children we show this unconditionally with everything we do.

unless we are willing to encourage are children to reconnect and appreciate the natural world, we can’t expect them to help protect and care for it - David Suzuki
— https://davidsuzuki.org/