SISTERS RISE workshop is designed to connect, inspire & empower our girls.

In order to rise together, we have to learn about ourselves, each other and our earth. Using yoga and mindfulness at the forefront, the workshop incapsulates a safe space where girls can grow and rise to their full potential. 

Sisters Rise workshop is for sisters aged 8 - 12. This workshop is 4 hours.

The workshop provides the opportunity to rise together, combining these big topics :

Connection, Our Emotional Toolkit, Nurture Nature and We are a Part of Something Bigger.

Connection - We will establish connection through movement & yoga - giving us an opportunity to get to know ourselves & each other in a fun & intimate way.

Emotional Toolkit - The toolkit we have developed helps to explore different ways of expressing & coping with emotions through play, activities & heart-centred journaling.

Nurture Nature - Using found fallen nature, we will create something mindfully and slowly which teaches us how delicate and soft our natural world is.

We are a part of Something Bigger - We will link connection, nature & our emotional learnings together by relating it back to a bigger picture. Together, we will begin to understand the impact we have on the world & we’ll explore what it means to be a part of a ripple effect

These topics have been chosen because of their impact on us individually and as a community. We are so passionate about guiding girls to self awareness and encouraging creativity and connection using the tools we have learn’t along the way!

WHEN: Friday October 11

TIME: 11 - 3PM

WHERE: Shed 1/2, 19 Old Pacific Highway, Newrybar (Access is by walking down driveway to the left of Luther & Co)

An investment of $80 per child will give this sister 4 hours of workshop fun, PLUS a journal to take away packed with mindfulness techniques, elements of the emotional toolkit, reflection prompts and much more.

Sisters should bring their own lunch, we will have healthy, delicious snacks and water provided.

If you have any questions before you book send Sarah an email here.

Bookings are essential - please book below.

Sisters Rise Workshop
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