meditation for kids

There is a long list of benefits of sitting and relaxing. Your mind has a million thoughts running through it  every minute of the day. We possibly can't stop these thoughts and nor do we want to. Stopping them creates an artificial experience for the mind. We have to be real about this. Thoughts give us guidance and allow us to make decisions. Every thought is definitely worthy of your attention. What we want to do is slow them down so that the attention given, is valid. This allows us to understand them better, which in turn helps us understand ourselves better.

I teach kids to recognise their thoughts by using many different techniques. Most kids have never done this before. By giving them permission to slow down and listen, kids begin to hear themselves a whole lot better. After we have relaxed the kids share their experience to the group. It's really a beautiful thing to listen to - no fear, no judgement, just pure honesty.

Next week I am teaching a group of adult women how to slow down, move with grace and listen to their minds. I can't wait to hold this special space for them, giving them permission to relax, feel and just sit. 

By slowing down, you show your thoughts compassion.

Sarah x