We are somewhat condition to think that all yoga is about flexibility, postures and exercise. And yes, it is true that a percentage of the practice embeds itself in the physical realm. But yoga for me, and the way I teach, is definitely more about how you feel before, during and after moving. 

Kids yoga is not focused on your Warrior Two perfection, it's about surfing on a wave or ice skating in the snow. Here are a few ways you can make it fun with your family:

1) Let your imagination run wild and have fun with making up stories about magical hideaways, treehouse's and castles. And let the kids join in by adding their own adventures to the stories. For ages 5+, I like to play the game "Yoga Story" where you act out the story in yoga poses or made up poses. Like "Today I flew on my magic carpet and went to .... " 

2) Pick a place to travel to, anywhere in the world. How do you get there? What is there? Who do you meet? Perfect for ages 2 +. The younger toddlers, 3 + 4 year olds like visuals. So find some landmarks or animals on your computer to show them the shape. Make it fun. Type in Antartica Animals doing yoga and see what comes up! 

3) Involve craft. I often have the children colour in a mandala for meditation. Talk to them first about what a mandala is. Kids LOVE facts! Or you can get really crafty and help them make their own Yoga Adventure Binoculars! This will have them wanting to practice yoga ALL THE TIME!  

Most of all, enjoy it and have fun. Kids give you the permission to be a kid again! I promise you won't regret the laughter and without even knowing it, your relationship will be stronger and happier than it has ever has been:) 

Sarah x