Children are inevitably fast movers - 

Sometimes I don't no where they get their energy from. From when they start to crawl, to then run, our worlds little people want to be everywhere all at the same time! 

This is true, however they also crave quiet time. Sometimes you will notice them playing in the corner on their own or just sitting watching the tree’s sway in the wind. And just like adults, they need time to think and catch up on what life throws at them. Children at the age of 3 and under take a good 20 seconds to realise whats being presented to them. It takes  8 - 10 minutes for 3 to 4 year olds to loose concentration. 

Meditation for kids is different to adult meditation, though its intent is the same, we use different approaches. I’ve put together some HOT TIPS for different age groups below:

2 y/olds : The idea is to keep them still or lying for at least 1 minute! I have them lie down and blow bubbles above their heads. This keeps them still (not all the time!!) and focused on the bubbles. 

3 y/olds: Deep Belly Breaths:  Put one hand on your belly and one hand on your heart, then inhale and exhale. This calms the class immensely. They can make sure their hands move up and down as they breathe. You can try this sitting or lying down. 

4 - 5 y/olds : Lying down and closing their eyes. Make up a magical story, a visualisation like they are floating on a cloud or a rainbow. Use your imagination and go a little wild. Remember they are listening, so go as wild as you can to keep their attention longer ! I usually go around and pat their heads or massage their legs and feet.  

6 - 9 y/olds : Deep Belly Breaths sitting back to back. Listening and also feeling each other breathe. This is super relaxing and the kids really focus on helping their friends feel and listen to their breath. 

10 - 12 y/olds : They never really get time to relax and they crave it! Lay them down, put some nice music on and let them fall into the mat. You could run through a body scan meditation from toe to head or you could literally just let them lie there. When you teach this age group that meditation is cool they will love it!