Teaching kids yoga is one of the most important jobs I have ever had. It sits between nannying for a new born and running my own business. But I'd have to say, however very important, it is the most challenging job I've ever had. 

There are some days that the children just won't listen and there are some days when they are perfect little yogi angels that listen to your every word. 


1. Make them (or it) your assistant for the session. Sit them next to you. They can help demonstrate the positions or games. This way you always have them near you. 

2. The simple act of touch can go along way. In this situation, it means I hear you. It's the acknowledgement that they want and need sometimes. Remember that they are children and want to be heard. 

3. If you can't "beat them" join them. If they are loud and very excitable that day, change your plan to a session of just games, dancing or sharing story time. Remember you have plenty of tricks and games up your sleeves or in your "magic bag" to roll with. 

4. Change your game plan for the next session. Start the kids with something soft, slow like a craft activity, or breathing meditation and see if that works! 

5. Change the activity to what ever the child is doing. Sometimes the disturbance is a creative one! 

6. Make sure your session is age appropriate. Sessions can either go over their heads or under (!) 

7. Praise all the good listeners and make sure you don't forget about them. Sometimes I only focus on the loud ones but it's the little quiet ones that need the praise also. 

8. I like to meditate before I teach. It gives a sense of calm and clarity. Take a few deep breathes for as little as 5 minutes before each session to realign with your values and why you teach kids yoga! 

Any other suggestions from kids yoga teachers would be amazing. Please comment below, we would love to hear them.