There has been a wave of powerful women coming to the forefront lately to express their worthiness of being FEMALE. And I, being one, stand by all of them. I stand within their strength, their power and their rights. I believe this had to happen so that men and females can start a conversation around who they are and how they are viewed. It's an important discussion for all humans, young, old, black, white, male and female. 

However, spoken by the great spiritual Australian leader Barry Long, woman need to remain soft. They need to learn that their feminity is needed for the world and the people closest to them, especially males. If we have too much masculinity in our sphere then the world will become hard, tough and powerful. And not powerful in a benefiting way, powerful in an egotistical way, full of bravado and dominance. 

We need our women to remain soft, delicate and angelic, so that we can provide our men, therefore our world and immediate surroundings, a feminine vibration. This vibration is vital for our existence, if we don't have it, our world will become unbalanced. Femininity and masculinity are beautiful exchanges to each other, for this is how we learn, grow and undergo constant evolution.

So this is a reminder to all the woman (including myself), to remain soft and beautiful creatures in this world. I'm not saying drop the sass or your right to be heard, I just want you to be proud of your womanly touch, look, smell, body, softness and sweet love and I want you to show it all off!