From a young age, I always loved the sense touch.

I remember very fondly that I used to cuddle up with my Papa on the couch and he would put his arm around me and run his fingers up my arm. It felt so comforting, loving. And sometimes I would close my eyes to really feel it. I was reminded of these childhood sensation, when a boyfriend of mine caressed my arm whilst watching a movie. I was taken right back to those moments in my Papa's arms.  Why hadn't I thought of this until now, some 30 years later. 

Before language, we have sensation. We have touch, feel, smell, sight. This is how we learn how to love. We learn by watching and feeling it. And as we get a little older, we find our words and we learn how to feel all the senses simultaneously, and we forget our most important sense, touch. 

I believe that connection with our kids, even through my yoga sessions, is vital for their development. We want our kids to feel protected and to know what feels good and what doesn't. Encouraging touch, is a gift we give to our kids. It shouldn't be shunned upon or shameful. It should be celebrated, because in most cases, it's a expression of love. 

Let's teach our kids what feels good and what doesn't. Teach them how to describe the feeling,  'is it soft?', Or 'is it hard?', 'do you feel uneasy?' or 'do you feel light?'.  It's an important development step towards identity, body awareness and consent. 

Sensations are beautiful. And maybe now, after reading this, you are reminded of a loving touch you once had.

Sensation Game ; Have them close their eyes or you can blindfold them. Have a collection of different textures with you; e.g. feather, brush, ice, coconut oil etc. Ask them to describe the feeling. Then get them to do it to you! Fun for everyone!