I receive a lot of questions about how to calm children down before bed time. Truth is, 2 - 3 year olds are energetic beings and we don't want to stop them from expressing who they are and sometimes those moments before bed can be spent running after them! 

If you are new parents I would start creating your mindful moment now. By the smells, sound and touch, they will know it's time to sleep.  When your kids are little older they can also help create it with you! 

I have listed a few ideas below :

- Turn off all electronics at least 25 - 45 minutes before sleep time

- Dim the lighting 

- Light a candle + incense (lavender supports sleep) 

- Put on some nice slow meditative music 

- Close your eyes with kids. Lie down with them and close your eyes all together 

- Practice breath work (see breathing videos)

- Saying good night to any crystals or toys you have  

- You could place glowing stars (or foil) on the roof at every moment

- Use a singing bowl to symbolise mindful moment time

- Then place the singing bowl on the belly (like above picture) and let the chime ring through their little bodies all the way up to their heart. 


When you're creating these moments, you also have to be calm and present. Kids know when you're faking it folks! 

Two year olds learn by repetition. If you've seen a two year old go down the slide 10 times in row this means their actually making solid pathways in their memory to remember the action. So these beautiful mindful moments are to be created every night - repeat repeat repeat! 

And totally enjoy it. This is a time for you to connect with you little one, with no distractions and in a warm and loving environment. 

Let me know how you go!