There has been a wave of powerful women coming to the forefront lately to express their worthiness of being FEMALE. And I, being one, stand by all of them. I stand within their strength, their power and their rights. I believe this had to happen so that men and females can start a conversation around who they are and how they are viewed. It's an important discussion for all humans, young, old, black, white, male and female. 

However, spoken by the great spiritual Australian leader Barry Long, woman need to remain soft. They need to learn that their feminity is needed for the world and the people closest to them, especially males. If we have too much masculinity in our sphere then the world will become hard, tough and powerful. And not powerful in a benefiting way, powerful in an egotistical way, full of bravado and dominance. 

We need our women to remain soft, delicate and angelic, so that we can provide our men, therefore our world and immediate surroundings, a feminine vibration. This vibration is vital for our existence, if we don't have it, our world will become unbalanced. Femininity and masculinity are beautiful exchanges to each other, for this is how we learn, grow and undergo constant evolution.

So this is a reminder to all the woman (including myself), to remain soft and beautiful creatures in this world. I'm not saying drop the sass or your right to be heard, I just want you to be proud of your womanly touch, look, smell, body, softness and sweet love and I want you to show it all off!




Our Breath Break series is designed to teach kids how to find their breath, using different techniques that are fun, engaging and can be done anywhere. 

Teaching kids why the breath is so important can be complicated. But keep watching this space as I add more videos and information about what the breath does to our brains and body when we do it properly.

Younger children find it hard to know where or how to find their breath. Breathing is an essential to live and it also supports our ability to self regulate, calm anxiety and stress. I believe it's vital that we teach our kids as young as 2 how to find their breath.
Pre-schoolers find it hard to find their breath or even know what it is and how it works. Here is another simple breathing technique for ages 2 - 5 year olds. The Bunny Breath is a fun way for young people to connect to their breath.




Sometimes our children find it hard to go to sleep. This could be because of something that happened at Childcare, School or just during the day and their little minds could be filled with anxiety or stress. 

Yes even kids can feel stress!  The most important part of this realisation is that kids don't know what stress or anxiety is. They can certainly feel it but they do not know why or how it happens.  I believe if we can teach our kids, as young as 2, what to do when these feelings occur, such as breathe properly, then our future generation will be much happier. 

Here are some different ways on how to approach this below: 

1) Lying down on your back, place your hands lightly on your stomach. Close your eyes and relax. Now breathe into your hands and feel your hands rise up as you inhale and go down as you exhale. Do this 5 times and your body and mind will feel lighter. Do this 10 times and you'll feel even better ! 

2) Yoga Balloon Breath : Sit down with your child, facing each other. Before you blow the balloon up, explain that when you breathe in and breathe out you want them to do it with you. Take a deep breath in & breathe out, inflating the balloon. You can do 3 or 4 breathes in one balloon. The exhale can be longer than the inhale. But this is not totally important, just have fun teaching your kids how to breathe. The kids love it when you let go of the balloon!!

3) Breathing really is key, especially if we are experiencing an anxiety attack or feel like we are under a lot of stress. Here is another breathing exercise that will having a calming effect on your child. Place one hand on your stomach and one on your heart. Close your eyes and relax. Now breath into your stomach, then into your heart, then exhale. You can feel your hands rise up as you inhale and go down as you exhale. After 2 or 3 times you'll notice a rounding rhythm with your breathe as you inhale and exhale. This is a beautiful way to fall into a deep sleep or meditation. 

To make this really fun, you could get your kids to make up a mindfulness playlist on Spotify (like this one I put together ) or you could create a mindfulness space with beautiful smelling candles or incense that you both light. 

P.S. These techniques may also help the adult in your life that suffers from anxiety. I teach these types of techniques in my Kids Classes and also my Adult Classes. I hope they help!  

Love always,